An Incident
Character study through a Barbie doll. This video touches upon human struggle with communication and being true to oneself. Mostly because we humans strive for perfection and struggle with any vulnerable and «bad» representation of ourselves. Many of us want to be strong,  confident, to be best at everything we do - otherwise we often consider ourselves weak and unworthy. Though these «to be» norms that are imposed and praised in the society are simply impossible and unreal. This divides a person into an inner and outer character: the one that is feeling and experiencing things truly and the one that is showing to others how they are feeling and thinking. This often happens on a unconscious level and leads to miscommunications and misunderstandings that cannot be fixed without realising the real reasons and intentions behind our actions. The Barbie doll here is a metaphor of the facade that a human puts on to represent oneself to others.

Publication “Congratulations, You’ve Found Me!”

This publication shows the common part of many lives - dating. Through a dating app we direct and communicate our personas to others the way we want to, however the biggest character baggage gets stored behind.